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Annie Short Overalls

These super-fun, short style dungarees are a fabulous statement piece for any wardrobe.  Adorable and practical, these overalls are made from a wonderfully, stretchy, denim fabric. They're designed to hug you in all the right places while leaving room to move.

The shorts are a practical modest length with a bottom cuff. They feature fully adjustable straps, a back and front bib and buttons on the front bib. Team them with Tee for easy wear and loads of fun

Available in sizes 8,10,12, 14 and 16. 
Size 8 
Waist 70 cm 
Hips 95 cm 
Size 10 
Waist 75cm 
Hips 100cm 
Size 12 
Waist 80 cm 
Hips 105 cm 
Size 14 
Waist 85cm 
Hips 110cm 
Size 16 
Waist 90cm 
Hips 115cm