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Beebop Babe JPEG.jpgSpecialising in fashion inspired from 1940s, 1950s & 1960s - all items have been carefully selected with love.

Founders of Bee Bop Boutique, Angela and Gino – find comfort in their age, by describing themselves as ‘genuine artefacts from the era’ - born right out of the 1950s / 1960s themselves, their desire for the music, fashion, cars and knick-knacks of that time, made them a part of the revolution that continues to spread worldwide!

Gino’s love for cars was born in those of the 1950’s, with big fins, chrome & unique character. Angela found her fashion inspiration in the beauty and sophistication of the Hollywood actresses of that era, including her idol Audrey Hepburn, and others like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. The music was something that started the love for all things of that time, and as the saying goes “Rock n Roll will never die”.

It became a family affair, when their 4 children were born – instead of following the trends of other children at school, they were bopping along to the likes of Elvis Presley, Big Bopper & Chuck Berry. “Kids at school had no idea, if it wasn’t music they had heard on the radio everyday – it was strange to them, and they thought we were odd” says Damian, their eldest son.

The family found themselves attending Rock n Roll shows religiously each year – The ‘Rock n Roll Rendezvous’ in Birdwood, South Australia each April – then off to Coolangatta, QLD in June for ‘Cooly Rocks’ (Previously Wintersun).

“When we turned 16 and started driving, we all got a car – and they were all PRE-1975 vehicles. I remember driving my 1966 XP Falcon to school and everyone would laugh at me, saying it was a rust bucket and I should be driving a real car. It didn’t faze me though, and since then – all those people that laughed are trying to get into the old school vehicle market now” says Rebecca.

“We dress up and get right into it when we go to Rock n Roll shows, but we also found ourselves shopping and always buying something at the events, whether it’s a pre-loved circle skirt, Betty Boop tin sign, cat eye glasses, etc. I think that’s when mum and dad decided to put their heart into it, and start their own business” says Stef.

“I think we are really lucky that our parents introduced us to 50s / 60s culture. It’s really good to be able to share the passion with so many other people across the country too” says Michael.

“It’s been really fun so far. The whole family are into it, and everyone has a say about what stock should be ordered and what shouldn’t be! Everyone puts an effort in to come along and help set up the stall at events. The kids and my husband are always searching for new shows across Australia to pick up and take off to” says Angela.

“Bee Bop Boutique was initially meant to be for the girls to have something to do when we went to all the Rock n Roll & Car shows” says Gino, “but, with the market for vintage being so unlimited and widely spread, we have ideas to get into bigger and better things too one day”.

You can find Bee Bop Boutique travelling to vintage events across South Australia, and hopefully Australia wide too soon. With internet shopping at an all-time high, providing customers the ability to shop 24/7 from the comfort of their own home, we have decided against a physical shop front for the moment, but it may be on the cards in the future.

We look forward to what the future has in store, and hope we can continue to provide you with all your vintage inspired needs, carefully selected from the heart!

Happy shopping Bee Boppers,

Love from the team at Bee Bop Boutique!